SP Page Builder - pages don't save

solved this once by upgrading to a higher version of SP PAGE BUILDER 3.X PRO (sppb), which came with the DRYAD JULY 23, 2023 UPGRADED TEMPLATE for joomla 4 version.

THEN in sept, 2023. this error cropped up again whilst I had been experimenting on a copy of Jill's site. which I only had a single license for.


the copy had the upgraded sppb installed, and I did try reinstalling again, to no avail.  I wondered if it could be cuz I had been doing practice development on the different domain name for a long time?   and somehow they had switched off my copy so it wouldn't work????, but anyway, i bought a commercial license of DRYAD, for 5 more sites, and the next day, the PAGE SAVE Started working. I also submitted a ticket to them asking about this.

will be good to see how they respond to the ticket. which is found here:



they said:   Page builder not saving has nothing to do with the license, you may have issues with CORS (you can check the browser console if you have a message regarding this)...the CORS issue also has errors on checking Joomla and extensions versions. Check more here: https://www.joomshaper.com/documentation/sp-page-builder/troubleshooting#i-cant-save-page-blocked-by-cors-policy


 for no apparent reason then, the SAVE page is working today. No changes were made, just works! I did not review the info on CORS, but since it started working again - does this sound like CORS to you? 

THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL RESPONSE FROM the authors of the template in a newer ticket response - which can be looked up on template monster.


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